Vulcan_Machine_Gun Li Yao is the protagonist of the novel Forty Millenniums of Cultivation. In the MangaToon translation of the Manhua, he is instead called Joe Li.

History[edit | edit source]

Li Yao was a student at Crimson Nimbus Second, who through a fortuitous encounter, ending up with the memories of Ou Yeming. With the memories of Ou Yeming in toe, his cultivation and potential went through a startling rebirth, which leads to his rise at Crimson Nimbus Second. First, he would take down the father and son pair of Helian Ba and Helian Lie respectively and then he would move on to the wider world of universities.

While at University, he successfully manages to ensure that the Grand Desolate War Institution's crystal suit, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit is the preferred suit for the Star Glory Federation, and in doing so, garners himself an invite to the Occult Orbs Fellowship. When he joins the Occult Orbs Fellowship, he reunites with his girlfriend, Ding Lingdang and then his reputation soars as part of Team Blue Bronze. Eventually, the team manages to secure their place on a groundbreaking mission called Ultimacity, where Li Yao ends up tussling with his arch-nemesis Wang Ji for the third time. In order to secure the victory and safety of the Star Glory Federation, he ends up star jumping to a whole new sector.

Li Yao eventually ends up in the Flying Star Sector, Li Yao ends up joining the Great Horn Exo Society, after killing the Space Pirate Fengyu Ming. On the ship of the Great Horn Exo Society, Li Yao learns much about the Flying Star Sector and assimilates their technical knowledge, earning their trust along the way and feeling as though they're his brothers. Traveling with the Great Horn Exo Society, Li Yao was taken to the central part of the Flying Star Sector and after leaving the group, took part in the Skyhill Sword Seminar, after demonstrating his refining ability and steamrolling through the competition, Li Yao was kidnapped by Huangpu Shiyi. He managed to manipulate Huangpu Shiyi into becoming his master and assimilated much of his knowledge about Crystal Bombs before killing Huangpu Shiyi and the Immortal Cultivators of the Temple of Immortals. After killing them all and taking over the ship, Li Yao attempted to kill Fengyu Zhong and save the Great Horn Exo Society, but failed and ended up on the Iron Plateau, a planet of Qi-Trainers cut-off from the rest of the Flying Star Sector. There he fought along with them against the Eggs of Apocalypse and the Blood Stripe Virus. At the end of the battle against Yan Xibei, one of the Four Kings of Immortality, The Mountain King, he earned the title of the Best Warrior of Iron Plateau. After that, he returned to the flying star sector as a representative of the iron plateau. Joined the "operation mist clearing", where he killed a Nascent Soul stage cultivator and faked his death. He snuck into Spider Den, a planet of a space pirate. Joined with Fengyu Zhong and Black King of Temple of Immortals in the raid to kill Bai Xinghe a pirate king. He then joined with the pirate king in order to safely pass him in his underground safe house. He found the apocalypse observatory of Lu Thi Pier a scholar of Star Ocean Imperium and learn the secret of the apocalypse and the theory of Dark Forest. He then found the secret training room of Yan Xinjian a super space pirate.

He trained in there for 5 years and achieve the superlative stage of core formation. He returned to the flying star sector as a disguise of Boss Bai the former pirate king. By super plotting, he exposes the identity of Xiao Xuance and Imperium of True Human Beings. He then killed Xiao Xuance and destroyed star brain Xiao Tianbao. He then returned to the Heaven Origin Sector. On the way back home, he was attacked by Blood strip Virus which is hidden inside his brain after the battle in Iron Plateau. For resisting blood strip virus and he ended up in the Blood demon sector, a ruled by demon and enemy of heaven origin sector.

Liao ends up joining a mysterious organization that works to change society in the demon world and destroy the doctrine of the Four Pillars. They believe in an entity called "Chaos". Under the identity of a genius ( Bloody Claw ) of the demon people he gets noticed during 5 fights in an arena and finally joins the organization. ( Blade of Chaos )

They left to explore the mausoleum of the god of Chaos located in one of the 3 continents of the demon world.

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