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Helian Ba is an antagonist of Forty Millenniums of Cultivationat the start of the story.

He's the most talented student of the Crimson Nimbus Second. When he sees Xue approached Li Yao to fix a processor she had, Helion Lie took umbrage and threatened Li Yao. However when he once again saw Li Yao after running into Zheng Dongming, he was embarrassed and thus went out of his way to try and see Li Yao expelled. However this failed due to Li Yao becoming a shining star.

In the hundred year time skip when Li Yao was in hibernation, Helain Lie had a wife and daughter. Though his trauma in his early years from Li Yao made him quite an abusive husband and father. He joined the military as a way to prove his worth in the world and to his family.

In the Federal Military Helian Lie was given the nickname of Rabid Dog due to his borderline madness obsession with training and trying to prove himself to be on par with the great Lord of Ventilation Tubes. He eventually became a major of the Ferderal Army.

During his later years, in the war between the Federation and the Black Wind Fleet, Helian Lie sacraficed his own life to halt the advance of multiple warships and the colossi of the Imperium, thus buying time for the Li Yao to appear on the battlefield. After the battle, he was recongized as a national hero and memorialized.