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Ding LingDang is a recent graduate and the teacher for the freshmen of the Combat Department of The Grand Desolate War Institution.

She was the one that recruited Li Yao into the university at the Limit Challenge Competition. After Li Yao's accident, she was the only representative of the Nine Elite Universities that stuck around to wait for him to recover.

She then oversaw his rehabilitation at Peng Hai's private training room with Sun Biao, before he took the College Entrance Examination.

She and Li Yao spend a lot of time training together and grow closer.


Ding LingDang's mother was a faculty member at Grand Desolation War Institution while her father was a grassroots refiner. They fell in love after participating in a beast tide together and after several occasions of meetings in the Institution.

Her parents died in a major beast attack when she was 11-12 years old due to a malfunction of City Defense Equipment. Ever since that day she stuck to the idea of making her body stronger than any magic equipment and set on the path of Body Refining.

She lets go of this path of thinking when she meets Li Yao and uses minor accessories when in combat but still prefers to use her fists as her main weapons

At a bit past 40 in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector, everybody knew that she was the youngest, pure battle-type Cultivator in the Nascent Soul Stage and the most dangerous woman in the entire federation. Her body was born with fire, and her spiritual root seemed to be made of magma. She was also in possession of an ancient fire art named ‘Nona-Colored Fire’. Draconic Phoenix was like a Colossus tailor-made for her.

Ding Lingdang was the first and the most important operative of the Heavenly Path Plan. In a hundred years, she has been hibernating in the sea of stars, most of the time and only woke up three times in total. The first time she woke up was seventy-two years ago, when she snuck into the Nether World Sector all by herself. She stayed there for quite a few years, instigating the internal strife of the major forces inside the Nether World Sector. She also gathered a batch of subordinates of her own and established an independent force. Rising from the chaos, she united the world in the end.